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Our Story...

It's Yours Signs was originally founded as JP Signs & Graphics in 2003. We are located in Mason, Michigan, just south of Lansing. 

As JP Signs & Graphics, we built a thriving business serving the people of Mason and local businesses, schools, government, church, and charitable organizations. We have established great relationships with the people and commercial communities within Mason and the surrounding area. We work closely with private individuals all the way up to some of the largest employers in the Midwest. But regardless of who we're working with, we work very hard to treat everyone with respect and to reflect the love and grace of Christ. 

JP Signs was purchased in 2016 by Bryan Tarrant and his son-in-law, John Nang. We are a Veteran-owned and operated company, as Bryan is a former US Marine, and John is a former US Army soldier. 

We are also a Christian business, and we all work hard to maintain business ethics and principles that reflect the love and grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Together Bryan and John have grown the business by more than 50 percent in the short time they've owned it. They just purchased their own building on the main street in Mason, giving them a lot more visibility and access to the Mason community.

As a result of all this new expansion and business growth, Bryan and John decided to re-name the business to It's Yours Signs, Apparel, and More. We have branched out in a big way into custom apparel products such as shirts, jackets, hats, bags, and men's and women's and children's clothing items.

The idea behind the renaming and expansion of our business is to give a name and a face to what we've been practicing all along, and what we truly believe: To reflect the love and grace of Christ, while helping our awesome customers get their message out to a world waiting to hear it.

And do it the way YOU want. Because after all...

It's Yours. 

It's Your Message. We'll help you share it with the world. 

God Bless!

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