Some of Our Projects

Our Customers Are Awesome...

Barn Sign for a Community Farm

"Ideation Alley" at Dart Container Corp.

We d​id this sign for a local gas station/convenience store

We etched the windows for Ideation Alley at Dart Container Corp.

A truck for our friends at Express Tree Services

Tailgate of the Express Tree Services truck

A truck for our friends at Fluid Chillers, Inc.

A sign on glass for the Dart Container Corp. Fitness Center

Really cool embroidery on the back of a denim jacket for Sun Dried Music Fest

For our friends at Superior Electric to celebrate their 65th year in business. Congrats!

We also do specialty clothing items

Some dimensional letter samples

A cool T-shirt design we did for our friends at Gruber Industries

An interior door at Ideation Alley. This is a vinyl overlay applied to a plain door.

T-Shirts for the Mason High School Football Team

Specialty Apparel for Mama and Child

More Parent and Child Custom Apparel

More cool stuff for Mason High Football

Inside Ideation Alley

Safety sign we designed for Dart Container Corp.

We're a Veteran-owned company. We make custom gear that honors America.

Truck graphics for our friends at Four Seasons Lawn & Landscape

Full shot of the Four Seasons truck

Recognizing the Seniors for the Mason High homecoming game

One of the outside doors into Ideation Alley at Dart Container Corp.

A really angry fish. Throw him back in the lake.

Custom gear for the East Lansing High School Trojans

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